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DAQRI Serves The Industrial Market

DAQRI's market-leading industrial division provides robust and scalable enterprise-wide 4D software and hardware integration and professional services. 4D offers unparalleled flexibility and effectiveness thanks to its contextually-aware augmented reality visualization and knowledge-transfer capabilities. See how Industrial 4D Solutions can reduce costs and increase your productivity and efficiency.

DAQRI supports numerous industrial sectors that benefit from 4D. Examples include:

Unique Challenges

At DAQRI, we understand that your industry comes with unique requirements and challenges. Our approach to 4D isn't a "one size fits all" solution but a managed practical approach to put the right technology in the right place at the right time for real results.

Working with DAQRI

Thinking about integrating 4D solutions, but don’t know what that looks like? DAQRI has the expertise to put all levels of your organization at ease and is with you through all stages of implementation, from initial concept to final rollout.

How 4D is Different

You may have worked with Augmented Reality in some form before. See how the DAQRI 4D portfolio represents a much more comprehensive approach, providing you with the best of augmentation, computer vision, hardware, and real-world utility that provides measurable results and significant ROI.

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